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What is emo and what does emo mean?

Basically, emo is a genre of music - but the meaning has evolved in various ways.

What does emo mean to you? For most of us at the emo bucket, emo is a lumped term to describe the music, fashion movement and culture of many of todays youth. There is no way to explain what exactly emo means to another person, but a few minutes on this site should provide some enlightenment

Quick Definition
Emo describes the "Emo" genre of music. The emo "genre" includes bands such as My Chemical Roman, Boys Like Girls, AFI, Fall out Boy, and many other bands. The term "Emo" also describes the fashion and culture of many of todays youth. Emo people usually wear tight pants, tight shirts, and have "unusual" haircuts. The common hair style is black with long bangs that can cover the eyes, with the hair on the back on the head being much shorter and commonly "spiked".

How do others describe emo?
The definition of emo ranges greatly depending upon who you talk to or where you read it. If you talk with some who is not emo the definition can range from "Emo is like goth but less dark and more Harry Potter" to "An excuse for guys to wear tight pants...". It's a growing trend to dis-like emos among those who are too afraid to truly express themselves.

The true definition?
Originally, emo was a genre of music in the late 80's and early 90's. That form of music has been lost, and we now have modern emo. You hear a lot of whinning from these original "emo" guys, but the truth is, emo does not mean what it meant a decade ago.

Honestly, gay used to mean happy, and it sure doesn't mean that now. So those who are against the present day meanings may need to learn to move on. More amazing than modern emo's sound is the fasion.

When referring to the fasion, it's proper to use the term "scene" as opposed to "emo". It really does not make sense to label someone as a genre of music, and when referring to someone as anything other than scene, it has negative conotations brought about by the media and youths hate of anything differn't.

How to be emo
You can't just become an emo kid overnight, just as you can't suddenly become a goth over night. It's something that I have found that just finds you. I don't know how you become emo, or why you do, but you do. Maybe it start with the mentality and the music, and than your clothes and individual style comes alive.

Check it out for yourself
Go spend some time in the emo gallery and the emo forums, and than let us know at emo@emobucket.com what you really think emo is

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