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Emo Skull Myspace Layouts

Skulls are hot, and emo.

Below you can find some layouts for myspace, friendster, and hi5 that consist mostly of skulls or are skull related. If you want to submit your own layout on this page, email flowmo[at]altbucket.com

The Skull Layouts

See a layout that you like? Click the box next to the layout to select the code. Take this code and paste it at the end of your "about me" section on myspace!

Featured Layout - "We Are Emo Kids"

Skull layout with the words "We are emo". There's a skull on the right side with cool stars... Awesome layout!

  The Code:

More Skull Layouts

"In too deep"

Abstract emo collage. Band aid hearts, mixed skulls. Very nice layout

Tiny Skulls and Broken Hearts

Baby blue background with small skulls and pink broken hearts

I swear there's a skull somewhere

Okay, maybe there's only one skull. But's it's an awesome emo collage!

Emo Skulls with Pink hearts

Neon green and bright pink skulls with hearts. Really good looking and easy to read layout.

Skulls (more like pon and zi) and Hearts

Simple, clean layout like the one above.

Abstract skulls, flowers..

Cool layout, that's not as flashy or distracting as others.

Pink and black skulls :-)

Black and pink repeating skulls myspace layout

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