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Emo hairstyles are awesome, and if you don't have emo hair, we will help you get it!

"Emo kids" are popular for their amazing hair styles and fashion, and choosing the right hairstyle for yourself can be a long and hard process.. When choosing your new hairstyle it needs to be unique, but that doesn't mean that you can't use elements from someone elses hair and combine them into your own unique hair.

What makes emo hair
Emo hair is usually not bright pink or neon green, though it can be. Emo hair usually looks messy and spikey, even puffy. It can be uneven. It can be wild. Emo hair usually isn't symmetrical and highlights are common and help with the anti-symmetry. There are no set boundaries for "emo hair"... Guys hair is usually long but usually not past the ears. Girls hair can be long, but most often the hair is above the shoulders and is commonly the same length and most emo guys hair. Commonly for guys the hair is longer in the front than in the back.

Where to get your hair cut
Most of the emo people on our forum claim to cut their hair themselves, but the easiest way is to go to a high end salon. If you don't want to go to one, or don't have the cash, any salon can work, or you can do it yourself.. Though if you do decide to do it professionally and not yourself, you need to TAKE PICTURES of hairstyles similar to yours (which you can get from the emo hairstyles gallerys). Pictures are worth a 1000 words, and when explaining emo hair to someone for the first time, it's going to take 1000's of words :-) so take some pictures with yourself so your not misunderstood and end up with something you didn't want.

Do it yourself
Cutting your hair is easy.. and when it can be wild and doesn't have to be perfect, or symmetrical, you have nothing to worry about.. You can do it in the bathroom with a extra mirror, or have a friend help you. It's more rewarding to do your hair yourself when it comes out awesome, but there's always the chance of messing it up. Most people say that getting it cut initially at a salon is best, and than as the hair grows out you can trim it yourself.

Where to see hair styles and get pictures
The emo bucket is an emo picture gallery, so of course you can find all the pictures you ever wanted here of emo hairstyles!

Emo Girl Hairstyles
Girls Haistyles
For the girls, get some hot hairstyle ideas.
Emo Guys Hairstyles
Guys Haistyles
Guys, get some hairstyle ideas!

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