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Some say that emo boys kissing is really hxc... and it's pretty obvious that girls really, really love it. It's insane. Everywhere you look, there's proof of one of the weirdest new trends..

This chick I know told me when I was just a little scene kid that only guys who kiss other guys are truly hxc (hardcore).. I guess I'm not hxc, but it's still a really hot trend among emo guys. Whether it's hxc or not, it's really popular right now. Well.. it's always been... but girls love guys in tight pants, and I guess they would rather see emo guys kissing than see 2 preppy guys kissing.

Is it homosexual?
It's not really gay in my opinion, and none of us here have anything against gay people. I think the reason that guys do it most of the time is because their girlfriends talk them into it, and there's usually not any attraction to the kiss, so it's not like they are doing it because they love eachother.. We get a lot of emails from people complaining about the whole thing, because their are always going to be emo and gay bashers.. if your one of them, skip over the pictures below and just go ahead and spend your time sending us an email.. We won't read it.

Why do it?
Like I said above, I don't think most of the guys doing it are gay or even curious. It's just because their chicks like it :-). I mean, I'm sure some of them are curious, I just doubt that all the guys who do it really are gay or curious.. and as most chicks say.. cause it's really hot!

Pictures of emo boys kissing!
These are just a few of the 1000's of kissing pictures from the gallery, you can check them all out right here. You can also upload your own pics :-).
2 emo boys kiss
2 emo boys kiss
2 emo boys kiss
2 emo boys kiss
another kiss
emo boys kissing
2 emo boys kiss

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